Anxiety and Food

By | January 6, 2017

Calming Anxiety With Healthy Snacks

Adequate food gives you the ability to relieve anxiety and is therefore we outlined in this article, the characteristics of a pair of foods that are proven as facilitators to ease anxiety .

anxiety and food


They are a food that will provide few calories and are rich in fiber. They also contribute a feeling of satiety since they have a hard consistency. This consistency requires chewing, which is an exercise that calms anxiety in a healthy way. While there are no limits set for the consumption of this food it is not recommended to eat large amounts as it has a very strong flavor.


Dehydrated fruit orejones

This type of snack food is ideal since it is one of the best healthy snacks you can find. The orejones will give you 300 calories per 100 grams. This means about five units. In addition, they contain vitamins, minerals and fibers. Being more consistent give satiety because they also require more chewing.

To achieve this effect you must ingest a lot of fluids. Therefore, it is a food to calm anxiety ideal to carry in your wallet and consume in places like work. Consume only one or two units a day.


Skim yogurt with fruit or cereal

Yogurt combined with fruits or cereals is one of the most appropriate foods to control food cravings, because its rich fiber and nutrient content helps keep you satiated longer and prevents you from falling into craving cravings.


Cereal bars

Cereal bars are one of the best healthy snacks you can find, as they are low in calories and their nutritional value is very high. Best of all , you can easily prepare at home a bar of homemade cereal and have something sweet but nutritious to eat whenever you feel like it .


Fresh fruits

For healthy pecking, nothing better than fresh fruit . They are the best anxiety-relieving foods you can find that will not only help you fight food cravings, but will also bring you great health benefits in general. Especially, they are good for the digestive system, as they provide the necessary dose of fiber for it to perform its functions correctly.


Diet gelatin

Gelatins are one of the lightest desserts and indigestible you can consume. They are fresh, rich and easy to prepare, which is why they are an ideal dessert for you to include in your diet for anxiety. Do you want to know how to calm the oral anguish? When you feel unrestrained desire to eat something sweet, before eating cookies, alfajores or cakes with many calories, remember that you have the choice of gelatin.


Vegetable soup or broth

Vegetable soups are one of the healthiest foods that soothe anxiety and prevent depression , you can find. Its nutritional value tends to be very high due to the contribution of nutrients of all the vegetables that are in the preparation. Instead your energy intake may vary depending on the type of vegetables you use.


Remedies to control anxiety

As I said in previous paragraphs, if you do not know what to do against anxiety, a good alternative is to make certain changes in your eating habits. To give you a clear idea of what foods are calming anxiety, I recommend you take a look at the tips on diets for anxiety listed below.

  • Diet for anxiety . You will know what foods you should include in your daily diet, to fight anxiety and eat less things to snack on.
  • Antianxiety sweets in the diet . If what you are looking for are healthy snacks, but that are sweet, here you will find a list with different options for healthy snacks, but not fattening.
  • Herbs to relieve anxiety . You will know which are the best medicinal plants that can help you to calm the oral anguish and the anxiety for the food.

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