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By | March 29, 2017

Formula Focus Nootropic – Complete Review on Ingredients, Benefits, Side Effects and More

As one of our mission is to provide our the true Review on supplements to our visitors so that they are not being scammed, here today I am going to Review a Brain Supplement named Formula Focus Nootropic.  It claims to increase to long and short term memory while giving your brain the maximum energy to perform better.  Let’s see whether the claims made by this supplement are true on the basis the ingredients contained in it.  Does the ingredients contained in Formula Focus really help boosting brain performance or it is just a scam like many other supplements in the market.

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The Claims Formula Focus Makes

Formula Focus Claims to provide you the following Benefits:

1- Helps enhancing short term memory

2- Improves the long term memory

3- Helps increasing concentration

4-  Improved Focus

5-  Enhanced brain performance

6-  Increases Energy

7-  A better Mental Vision

8-  Provides you a better focusing brain


The Ingredients

It was not that easy for me locating the ingredients for Formula Focus But Somehow I have managed to get the list of the main ingredients of Formula Focus Nootropic.  Here are the Ingredients:

1- Bee Pollen

2- Propolis

3- Manuka Honey

4- Tyrosine


Does the Ingredients of Formula Focus Really Work?  Is there any Medical Proof?

Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen is a one of the main ingredients in Formula Focus.  It is consists many minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, protein and much more.   Bee Pollen is created by the honey bees.   Bee Pollen is useful in many ways.  It is a naturally a food source for the young bees which is full of  a complete nutrition.  It is a source of energy for human body and helps many body functions to get their share of nutrition and perform in a better way.  Among benefits, it stands out its high content in proteins, vitamins and hormones that favor the growth. In addition, among the benefits of Bee Pollen can be counted on having carbohydrates, complex lipids, diastases and trace elements. If you want to know thoroughly what Bee Pollen is for, do not forget to find out more about it below.

The Key Benefits of Bee Pollen

Good for energy

One of the most important benefits of Bee Pollen comes from its energizing and revitalizing properties. It raises the ability to work and lowers blood pressure. The effects of Bee Pollen consumption begin to notice within a few days, increasing resistance to fatigue.

Stimulates appetite

Taken before meals, Bee Pollen can have excellent appetizing properties, resulting in a good appetite stimulant.

Indicated for intestinal and hepatic problems

It also takes Bee Pollen for problems of the liver and the digestive system in general.

It is good for anemia

Taking Bee Pollen supplements is good for anemia because it promotes the production of red blood cells, it also helps healing, so it is indicated in case of ulcers.

Ideal to stimulate the Brain

Bee Pollen is indicated for states of anxiety, irritability and nervousness, among other disorders. It is also common that it is taken to improve the intellectual capacity, being profitable for the study.

Suitable for elderly, children and pregnant

It is also ideal for regaining vitality, which is why it is recommended to use it to weak, convalescent, stressed, elderly and pregnant women. In children, Bee Pollen favors growth.

Conclusion On Bee Pollen as an Ingredient Of Formula Focus

As a key ingredient in Formula Focus and the details we have found so far on Bee Pollen it can provide benefit to human brain and is good for overall health.

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Let us have a look into the 2nd ingredient of Formula Focus and see it works for improving any type of brain performance.

Propolis has a very complex chemical composition that includes active principles, among them the bioflavonoids, responsible for its antibiotic action. Prior to the discovery of penicillin, ancient peoples used propolis as a powerful antibiotic to heal wounds and prevent them from becoming infected by microorganisms.

Propolis is a substance made by bees from the buds and resins of the trees, which mix in their mouth with wax and salivary secretions, thus obtaining this magnificent and healing substance. The bees use it to seal the hives and defend themselves against the onslaught of viruses and bacteria. An interesting fact is that animals embalmed with propolis inside the hives do not rot.

Medicinal Properties of Propolis

Propolis has numerous therapeutic properties, among which are:











My Conclusion on Propolis as an ingredient of Formula Focus

Although it contains many benefits for human being but specifically as ingredient for Improving brain performance my view is not very strong about it as claimed.


Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is a floral honey that comes from the nectar of a New Zealand-raised shrub, which can be used both internally and externally; Is an effective agent against a broad spectrum of infectious organisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi; As well as protozoa and bacteria. It has great antiseptic and healing power.


Benefits and Properties of Manuka Honey

Ideal for the digestive system

Consumed on a regular basis, Manuka honey helps to improve digestions as well as symptoms caused by stomach ulcer or hiatal hernias. Thanks also to its anti-inflammatory effect, it helps to reduce the inflammation characteristic of these two ailments.

Interesting antibacterial properties

Not only does it provide antibacterial effects against the bacteria themselves, but it is able to mitigate the actions of protozoa and fungi, being ideal as a preventive for any type of disease produced by these microorganisms.



My view is good and positive regarding Manuka Honey as an ingredient of Formula Focus Nootropic to increase the brain performance.



Tyrosine is a nonessential amino acid, which means that our body can synthesize it. Supplementation with tyrosine is recommended for athletes because it helps to combat fatigue and to recover the energy that we can lose during training. It is also indicated to combat states of depression, as it is a precursor of dopamine and adrenaline, keys to regulate mood.


TIROSIN, How does it Help?

If you submit to hard workouts, supplements that include tyrosine will help you regain lost energy and fight fatigue. This amino acid improves the nerve transmission between the brain and the muscles, which helps to recover in case of over-stress. The only benefit of tyrosine is not to combat fatigue. It is also used in obese people to control weight, because it facilitates the metabolism of fats and reduces the sensation of appetite. Another of its direct benefits is that it favors the activity of the thyroid gland, which makes it advisable in cases of hypothyroidism and hypothyroidism. In addition to being effective in regaining energy and mood, tyrosine has other positive “side effects” in the body. It promotes hair growth, stimulates pigmentation of the skin, helps to recover libido, attenuates the effects of allergies and can be used to treat migraines and combat disorders of concentration.


Like any supplement, you should consult contraindications. If you have liver or kidney disease, the intake of amino acids should be controlled by a physician. Tyrosine is also not recommended in the case of melanoma, because of its effect on pigmentation.


The claim of Formula Focus Nootropic is right as Tyrosine helps your body and brain by providing Energy.


Is it safe to use Formula Focus

Formula focus is absolutely safe and Does not contain any side effects as the ingredients does not have a negative impact on health which is proven by medical studies.


What are the Pricing Options of Formula Focus

Following are the Pricing Options of Formula Focus Nootropic:

1-  The Mega Saver Pricing Option offers you Buying Three bottle and You get 2 Free and enjoy a 5 Months’ Supply.  Each Bottle under this option will cost you 29.95 USD

2-  Under the Super Saver Option you Buy 2 Bottles and get one Free.  So you will have total Three Bottles in the Price of Two Bottles and the Per Bottle Cost will be 39.95 USD

3-  If you buy Just One Bottle that will Cost You USD 68.


Note:  All the above purchasing options contains Free Shipping So do not pay for the shipping separately.


Money Back Guarantee

Formula Focus is offered on a 30 Days money back guarantee.  In case you are not satisfied return the bottle within 30 days and get your 100% investment back.

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My Final Conclusion

Formula Focus as a brain supplement may work good for you as indicated by the ingredients.  So giving a try to is not a bad option.

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