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By | July 17, 2017

Centella Asiatica or Gotu Kola: properties, benefits, effects and how to take

Known as the “herb of Longevity”, Centella asiatica or Gotu kola, it is a plant traditionally used in India and China as part of Ayurvedic medicine, characterized by the use as natural remedies of a large number of herbs with excellent curative properties and for their contribution to alleviate or mitigate certain pathologies in people. The Asian Centella can be used as a natural treatment and alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety, promote positive mood, collaborating in the correct brain function and as well as another series of benefits that we will see below.


What is Asian Centella or Gotu kola?

Gotu Kola is a plant that grows throughout Central Asia, as well as in parts of Africa, being also native to India, Indonesia, Japan, Sri Lanka, and some islands of the South Pacific. As can be seen, its use extends in much of the world, and between different cultures, where for generations it has been used as a medicinal plant given its multiple therapeutic properties.

Another common name for Gotu kola is Brahmi, which also shares nomenclature with Bacopa Monnieri, another type of plant with important health benefits

It is usually taken in salad or infusion (30 grams of root per 1 litre of water) and has a high presence of fatty acids, essential oils, phytosterols and amino acids. The leaves and stem of the plant contain asiaticosides, triterpénico acid, glycoside, tannins and volatile oil.

We can summarize its positive effects for the organism in four items:


Soothing (in high doses can be used as a narcotic)

Appetite stimulant


Thus, taking into account its diuretic properties, it can become an ally for those who want to lose weight. One of the main factors of high weight is the retention and accumulation of fluids, and the Asian Centella is a good tool to eliminate or correct them.

In this sense it is also worth mentioning its effectiveness in combating the dreaded (especially by women) cellulite.

Centella Asiatica or Gotu Kola has been employed in a large number of regions around the world for their well-known health benefits


What are the properties of the Gotu kola?

Reduce stress

The Centella Asiatica is an ideal plant for all those people who are often overlooked by stress and tensions from day to day. And this is a relaxing agent and an excellent remedy to lower the anxiety resulting from everyday problems. It also helps to lessen the feeling of tiredness and to incite an appetite that is sometimes defeated by the nerves.

The Asian Centella can act as a Adaptogen agent, that is, influences the subject in the sense of making his life compatible with stress situations, allowing to enhance such adaptation, and reducing more serious problems arising from this circumstance, such as anxiety or even depression.

Many people who meditate can see improved this experience thanks to the properties of the Asian Centella


Support for brain function

Among the most sought after effects during the centuries were those to prolong the years of life. But not only in quantity, but in quality. It depends largely on maintaining optimal brain function, in the sense of reducing the cognitive decline that tends to occur as age progresses. One of the reasons that could explain this fact is because it can enhance the synergy between effects on the mind, body and spirit. Although it may not respond to a scientific argument, the truth is that Gotu Kolu provides benefits on nerve function and improves brain blood supply.

From this, a reasoning can be drawn about why it could keep the relationship between the plant and its rejuvenating properties, due to the ability to restore and balance the functioning of a large number of parts of the brain, such as the repair of axons, used for transmission of impulses through the brain and body , or stimulate the dendritic branching, aument

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