Mind Power Increase

By | December 19, 2016

Mind Power Increase Strategies

As most people age, there is a tendency to lose part of the creative energy and abilities but with a little effort you can reverse that and even cause a mind power increase to heights above any achieved thus far in your life. You can be the sharpest you’ve ever been even if you are 50, 60 or older. If you work at it consistently it can happen fairly quickly too. Here are some strategies you can use to cause your own “mind power increase.”

mind power increase

Exercises That Can Help You With a Mind Power Increase

Learn to think critically – What happens way too often is that people get in everyday situations and they rely on quick and easy fixes or pre-set solutions. When a problem come up they use a common solution and move on and never even use a creative thought about the problem. Many people live practically their whole life without ever using their critical thinking abilities.

Do you know what the result is from never using your critical thinking abilities? Your brain does not get used completely and your ability to think creatively and logically is never fully developed. If you are going to use this exercise for mind power increase you are going to learn to fully use both halves of your brain. You are going to learn how to adopt a critical mindset with these simple steps:

Learn to Solve Problems Systematically – One of the most effective methods of solving a problem is to make a list of everything you know about the problem first. Then you can make a list of all the possible solutions you can come up with and start trying those solutions to find the one that works the best.

Ask More Questions – When you learn to ask more questions, and I mean questions that don’t have a yes or no answer, you will begin to reframe reality and with every given situation you will understand more potentialities and alternatives. Most people fail to do this and it causes them to accept the beliefs and solutions other people use for their problems. That may be the easy way out but it will not help you with a mind power increase because it’s too convenient and it leads to a passive acceptance of information.

Challenge What You See and Hear Initially – Often, just because something seems to be a certain way doesn’t mean it actually is. Quite often things are different than your first perception. If someone is trying to get you to see something the same way they see it you need to ask questions and try to figure out why they are seeing the situation the way they say they see it. Before accepting what they are telling you as the truth just be inquisitive enough to find out the truth.

Those are some great steps you can begin with to help you learn to think critically and if you do them you will create a mind power increase in your brain. Now for some more strategies:


Learn to think positively – You should consider the law of attraction. If you continuously think negatively you will more than likely attract negative things into your life. If you want to attract positive things you need to think positive. If you want to bring out some powerful solutions to your problems when they come up you need to think positively all the time. If you are constantly thinking negatively and telling yourself you can’t solve a problem or you can’t do something there is a great chance your brain will agree with you in the end and make sure it never happens for you.

Draw Pictures – Even if you don’t think you are any good at this whatsoever you need to draw more frequently because it’s a great way to express yourself. This exercise is about a mind power increase so it doesn’t matter if you are not really good at drawing. Do it anyway!

The key is to get yourself a drawing pad so you have plenty of room on the paper and to make sure you take the time to draw when you are happy, sad, angry, grateful, or any other emotion you are feeling. When you use drawing to express how you feel you are forcing your brain to work in ways it has never had to before and it will figure out how to use lines and shapes to express your feelings.

Try each of these exercises and don’t worry if you think you are not good at them. It’s more about putting your brain through its paces than actually what the end result of the exercise is. Do these things regularly each week and you will be well on your way to a terrific mind power increase.

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