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Nooflex – One of the Best Selling Brain Supplement In America

Nooflex is the latest supplement sold in the United States for better mental agility. Nooflex supports and maintains memory, concentration and focus. It is the main supplement of brain health sale in North America.

Think about this … your brain is the most sophisticated, powerful computer ever created, and yet when was the last time you gave it an update? You earn your living with your brain. You cannot afford to give up the food you need. It’s time for the Nooflex  Supplement, America’s # 1 in brain health sales.


What is Nooflex?

Nooflex is a dietary supplement that contains a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and botanical extracts .

Nooflex supports memory, concentration and focus through a combination of quality ingredients such as Gotu Kola, Adrafinil, Oxiracetam, Milk Thistle, Alpha GPC and more.

Nooflex nutrient and its sources are carefully selected to support healthy brain function. All the natural ones. No preservatives, no artificial colors, no caffeine, no ephedra and no Ma Huang. Patented blend formulated by physicians.

What are the Effects of Lower Brain Performance?

Most people begin to notice loss of their “brain power” or “cognitive performance” as early as 30 years of age. If you are suffering from cognitive impairment, you may notice symptoms such as:

Memory loss

Difficulty concentrating

Extremely low power

Lack of concentration

Less capacity for mental execution

Lack of motivation

Forget things like keys or wallet

Benefits of Nooflex

Clarify your mind for optimal mental absorption allowing for intense concentration.

It enhances the neurotransmitters in the brain in a natural way to clarify your mind.

Stores recently learned information more efficiently

It provides energy and concentration all day long.

Remarkably improves problem-solving capability.


How Does Nooflex Work?

Nooflex has got mix of such ingredients which works to improve the brain and memory in many ways.  Nooflex works in three main areas to improve the brain performance:

Enhances Cognitive System

This powerful brain supplement enhances cognitive system by improving the neurotransmission.  It provides the required nutrition to your brain and builds the neuropath.

Builds Protein

Builds new brain cells and improves the existing to enable your brain working at its peak level.

Improves Stamina and Energy

Nooflex improves your body energy specially the brain energy and stamina which enables you to work and concentrate more on your work and daily life.


What are the Ingredients of Nooflex ?

Gotu Kola

Asian Centella (Hydrocotile asiatica L.) is an excellent curative plant originating in India with a multitude of medicinal properties that we can use to improve or maintain health, both inside and out. This herb from the Umbelliferae family, also known by the name Gotu Kola, prefers humid areas to grow and develop. It is a plant that has been used in traditional medicine for more than 3,000 years and we will know why.

Medicinal properties and uses of Asian Centella or gotu kola:

* It possesses astringent properties, amenagogas, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiulcerative, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, cicatrizant and Dermo.

* It is used to prevent and eliminate cellulite naturally.

* Combats or reduces anxiety and nervousness

* Delays the aging of the skin because it stimulates the manufacture of collagen

* Favors concentration and improves memory

* Prevents the appearance or fights the grains, boils and sores on the skin.

* Stimulates blood circulation, thus avoiding or minimizing the appearance of phlebitis, varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

* Fights fatigue and tiredness

* Stimulates hair and nail growth

* Reduces arterial hypertension

Read more in the ingredient section about Gotu Kola.


A famous ingredient used in many supplements also contained in Nooflex. Let us have some details on this ingredient.

For people who experience fatigue during the day to day because of work or sleep disorders such as insomnia or apnea, Adrafinil helps to promote the physical and mental energy needed to be able to lead a more active life. It also helps improve mental clarity, focus and retention, making it a favorite for students.

It has been shown that Adrafinil is a very effective generic stimulant, prevents daytime drowsiness and increases both energy and attention without causing hyperactivity and nervousness (which are commonly associated with other stimulants). In fact, many users report a greater sense of well-being and reduced stress – effects that can be largely attributable to the stimulation of dopamine receptors.

But general stimulant effects are only a part of their benefits. In addition to promoting wakefulness and increased energy, the Adrafinil is strongly associated with a wide range of nootropic benefits, including greater learning capacity, better memory, and rapid recovery of data and memories. Users have reported that Adrafinil improves their ability to concentrate and maintain concentration, improves mental clarity, and makes it easier to do a demanding job (at the mental level) over a long period of time.


What are the benefits and effects of oxiracetam supplements for the brain? Oxiracetam is one of the Racetam supplements nootropic. A lot of people are going to call a brain stimulant, smart drugs or a cognitive promoter, while some even refer to it as a study pill. Oxiracetam was initially developed in the 1970s, but will not reach the stores until the next decade. Since then, he has been the subject of clinical studies and evidence to understand more about him.

Researchers want to know if it can help cope with cognitive problems and diseases that are often degenerative. However, it is still popular as a supplement for the brain for those who want to improve cognitive skills. It is known for the improvement of focus, reasoning and memory. Those who are considering taking powder Oxiracetam will need to know more about it, including the benefits, side effects and how much to take.

Milk Thistle

One of the main ingredients of Nooflex.  Milk Thistle is a plant that is also known as Artichaut Sauvage, Milk thistle, Cardui mariae, Carduus Marianus, Chardon Argente, Marie Chardon, Lʼépine Blanche, Holy Thistle, ‘s thistle, Notre-Dame lait, Legalon, Marian Thistle, Mariendistel, Mary Thistle, Shui Fei ji, silibinin, Marie Silybe, Silybum, silymarin, and other names.

Milk thistle has been used in alternative medicine as a possibly effective aid in the treatment of heartburn, or symptoms of temporary allergies. Milk Thistle may have been combined with other plants or extracts in a specific preparation for the treatment of these conditions.

Alpha GPC

Improved memory and learning capacity according to a study conducted in rodents. In particular the study measured the learning time required in a stimulus-response test with electric shocks. The rodents heard a sound and then received an electric shock. Afterwards, they were presented with an escape route after hearing the sound. Supplementation with alpha-GPC improved the time required to learn that after the sound they would receive the download and that they should flee and the total number of downloads avoided.

Notable improvement of cognitive decline in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Increase of the force of 14% in bench press according to a study carried out in 7 trained subjects.

The same study recorded an increase in growth hormone.

Greater oxidation of fats and increase of growth hormone. Another study carried out in 8 subjects confirmed the increase in growth hormone and also recorded a higher oxidation of fats in obtaining energy for exercise.

Chia Seed

It is very famous for its anti hypertension properties.  Nooflex contains this ingredient to reduce hypertension and make your brain calm and ready for the focus.


There are a number of benefits to take this supplement. The first is that it helps with memory consolidation and remembrance. It can also improve the ability to learn, which is useful for students. Levels of intensity differ between individuals. Some people find that their dreams are more vivid, and they find that their energy levels also increase. They seem to have more motivation than ever, and to report higher levels of concentration or capacity for attention.

The greater the energy and concentration, among other benefits, can also help to improve memory and capacity-learning. It is considered good for students who are learning for long periods of time. It is also useful for those who are introduced in the social configuration and the need to improve their verbal processing and fluency.


Is Nooflex Safe to Use?

Yes Nooflex is absolutley safe to use as the ingredients it contains are harmless and only produces benefits to its consumers.

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