Power Your Brain

By | December 19, 2016

Power Your Brain


How to Power Your Brain?

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Are you wondering how to increase brain power now without spending money on seminars or personal mentoring? We’re going to show you how to do just that! You can power your brain without spending a lot of money using what is already available to you.

All you have to do is do things that challenge your brain because when you do that it will respond by growing new connections. When you grow new connections you make connections from one side of your brain which controls logic or your “logic center” to the other which controls creativity or your “creative center.”

The logic center is a different place than the creative center in your brain. If you learn to use both of them it will help you to increase brain power. We are going to explain some terrific strategies you can use to help power your brain up by creating new connections which will increase its capacity to process information and recall important facts.

power you brain


Power Your Brain Tips

Find different ways to express yourself by being more creative – Your brain has two main but distinctly different thinking centers. One side of your brain has the logical thinking center and the other side has the creative thinking center.

The creative thinking center is what you use for self expression or what makes you different from others. It is basically where your ideas come from. It also is stimulated by music, art, writing and other creative thoughts.

The logic thinking center is the side of your brain that you use for problem solving and rationalizing. Most people work in jobs that force them to use their logic center a lot more than their creative center meaning they actually ignore their creative center. If you want to increase brain power you need to try to reach a balance in the use of each side of your brain.

If you can increase the number of connections between the two halves of your brain it will power your brain and increase your brain power. Since most people need to stimulate their creative center to reach a balance you just need to engage in music, art or writing in ways you haven’’ been doing already. These three activities are enough for anyone because once you start with just one of them your brain will be challenged to do things it isn’t used to.

You simply need to learn to play a musical instrument, or try to draw a picture, or write a poem or story. As an example, if you were to try to draw a realistic looking picture of a person or animal you would have to learn how to draw accurately for it to be done right. You would be challenging your brain and it would grow new connections in an attempt to respond to the challenges you are placing on it.


Stop Using Ordinary Solutions for Ordinary Problems – The society we currently live in is a society that places a lot of value on instant gratification. There is nothing wrong with thinking that way it’s just that, your mind can stagnate and become uncreative and unmotivated if you always go for the quick fix or plain solution.


If you want to do things that increase brain power you can try to think of more creative solutions for problems. That doesn’t mean you have to try these other solutions, just try to think of them. You can certainly use the time tested solutions that you know will work the best but it will benefit you to think about novel solutions for your issues and problems.


Just making the attempt to think of novel solutions to everyday problems will spark neurons and brain cells and challenge your brain which will cause it to grow. That’s a great reason to always try to imagine using more creative solutions than the ones you always use. It will power your brain.


Examine and challenge your beliefs – It’s time to step out of your comfort zone. Imagine what the Wright brothers or Henry Ford was thinking about transportation when they made the leap to build their airplanes and cars. Their comfort zones said what they were trying to do either couldn’t be done or didn’t matter if they were done.


What you can do is try to learn something new like a sport for example. Maybe it’s time for you to learn swimming/diving, badminton or tennis. The point is that it may do you some good to try a sport you think is not right for you. You never know! You may be good at something you have never tried just because you thought you would not like it or be any good.


It really doesn’t matter if you are good at it or not but trying and learning about things you have never tried will be challenging your brain and that’s what you need to do if you want to power your brain.

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