Your Brain Power

By | December 19, 2016

Your Brain Power

How to Boost Your Brain Power

If you are prepared to use continuous effort over a period of time you can definitely boost your brain power. Be warned though, there are no magic pills or overnight quick fixes! But you can do it with many different strategies as long as you practice them until…


…until what? UNTIL IT WORKS!

Stimulate your brain often enough and with the right strategies and you will definitely boost your brain power to new heights.

your brain power

Techniques you can use to Boost Your Brain Power

Think of alternative purposes for everyday objects – Have you ever noticed how a blind person seems to be able to hear better than other people? The human brain relies heavily on certain senses and when you take one or two of them away it will adapt and use other senses more.

Since we rely so much on our ability to see we don’t realize that if we tried to do ordinary things while blindfolded our brain would try to compensate. The same thing would happen if we were to block our ability to hear. A very easy way to boost your brain power is to block out your ears with ear plugs or use a blindfold when you are doing something simple like folding clothes, or raking leaves or eating.

This exercise is about challenging one or more of your senses and having the experience of forcing yourself to use your other senses to figure out what’s going on. The longer you try an exercise like this and the more often you do it the better the results you’ll have.

New ways to use everyday things – You can boost your brain power by getting your creative juices flowing. This mental exercise will cost you nothing but it gives you many creative benefits. Every time you cause your brain to really work itself it will create new neural pathways and connections. What you do for this exercise is focus on a single every day object and you try to think of alternative or new uses for that object.


Focusing on something like a watch, stool, chair, table, shades, cup, lighter or whatever you see around you and thinking of different ways to use that object. Take out a piece of paper and try to write down 10 ways to use that object that are different from what the object was intended for.

Don’t write down the obvious use for the object and after you get 10 alternative uses written down try to think of 10 more uses. It may sound silly but don’t worry about that. Write down anything you can think of no matter how wacky an idea it seems. Keep writing alternative uses until your creative juices are absolutely spent.

Sensory trips – Just as I mentioned before, when we rely too heavily on our sense of sight our other senses get lazy. When you rely too much on your sense of sight it leads to reduced mental acuity and mental stagnation. A great way to boost your brain power is to exercise your other senses. There are a variety of ways to keep your mind sharp by exercising your other senses or going on a “sensory trip.”

One way is to visit a pastry shop with a friend and sample some cookies, bread, or pastry you have never considered buying for yourself. That would exercise your sense of taste. Or you could challenge your sense of smell by having a friend bring items for you to smell. Try to identify exactly what they are by smelling them only.

Another exercise that will boost your brain power is to use your sense of touch exclusively to identify things. Simply do this the same as with your sense of smell. Get a friend to bring ordinary objects and let you try to identify them using your sense of touch. If the object is going to be too obvious if you can feel the whole thing just have your friend allow you to only feel a portion of the object.

The point is to make your brain work harder by using your other senses  to figure out the correct answer. This “sensory trip” can be done easily at home or while you are travelling. If you were to try one of these exercises once or twice a week you would be on your way to sharpening your brain which will boost your brain power.

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