13 Motivational Quotes For Anxiety

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When you are suffering from anxiety, it’s easy to give up, scrap an idea, or fail to see a greater opportunity when it presents itself. It’s those times when a little motivation can do wonders. No matter how much you meditate, exercise, and go to therapy, anxiety can disrupt your life at the most inopportune moments. Use these 13 motivational quotes for anxiety to motivate yourself when anxiety hits hard.

Read through them all now and choose a few you find inspirational. Download these 13 motivational quotes in a beautiful booklet and place the booklet somewhere you’ll see it often. Next time you’re feeling less than stellar, have a glance at these quotes to help cheer you up and keep you persevering to the end of whatever you might be going through.

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Motivational Quotes for Anxiety

1. Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance. – Confucius

There are people in this world who will never admit when they are wrong or don’t fully understand something. This particular quote explains how in order to understand anything and reach true wisdom, you must know what areas of your life could use improvement. You have to admit that you don’t know anything. Be willing to constantly learn and improve your knowledge and skills. 

  • Know your strengths.
  • Always be open to learning.
  • Work to improve your weaknesses.
  1. Do I know my limits? Can I admit when I don’t know how to do something?
    1. Am I willing to learn what I need to complete a project or task?
    1. Once I know where I’m in need of development, am I willing to take the steps necessary to improve?

2. Winners lose much more often than losers.  So if you keep losing but you’re still trying, keep it up!  You’re right on track. – Matthew Keith Groves

The point of this quote is to let you know that if you stop trying to win, you’ll have less of a chance. It’s kind of like playing the lottery. You can’t win if you don’t play and the more you play the better your odds of winning. No matter what you do in life, if you practice over and over you’ll see improvement.

  • Keep trying and think positively.
  • Constantly work towards your goal.
  • Don’t give up.
  1. When I start something and it gets difficult, do I keep going through the rough times or is it easier for me to quit?
    1. Do I reward myself for little accomplishments on my way to the bigger goal?
    1. Do I see something good in everything?
13 motivational quotes for anxiety
13 Positive Quotes

3. Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape. – Anon

It’s far less difficult to get angry or fly off the handle when you can work around negative things in your life. Learning to handle your stress is important. Do your best to not let it engulf you. It’s easy to let negative feelings pile up until they all pour out at once. When you can easily adjust to changes or difficult situations, you’ll lead a much happier, healthier life.  

  • Learn to let trivial things go.
  • Don’t hold your feelings inside.
  • There’s no such thing as perfect.
  1. Am I aware of my feelings before they get out of hand?
    1. What can I do to calm myself when things don’t go the way I’d planned?
    1. Can I learn to remove myself from negative situations when necessary?

4. The Way to Gain A Good Reputation, is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear. – Socrates

Society has a way of making people believe they aren’t as good as the next person. When they can’t measure up to the standards of others, some people put up a front hoping they will look better in the eyes of others. We should stop trying to conform and start showing our true self. It’s easier to remember who you really are than trying to keep a web of lies from becoming tangled. 

  • Take time to remind yourself of your positive traits.
  • Figure out who you really want to be; what you want other people to see when they look at you.
  • Every day remind yourself you are unique.
  1. Am I comfortable in my own skin?
    1. Can I define my positive characteristics?
    1. Can I reflect on myself and my life and make changes in order to be someone I can be proud of become on a regular basis?
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Think Positive Everyday

5. Seek the lofty by reading, hearing and seeing great work at some moment every day. – Thornton Wilder

In order to be a better person and seek the greater things in life, you must first be appreciative of the things that are already good in your life. Hard as it may be to find, there is a positive to every situation. You can’t have something good without bad and vice versa. Even if it’s only one thing, find something positive about every single day.

  • When met with negative things, take a minute to search for the upside of the situation.
  • Positivism breeds the same.
  • Take time to find joy in the little things in life.
  1. Am I a negative person?
    1. What happens if I see the glass half full instead of half empty?
    1. Will my positive attitude help someone else through a difficult situation?

6. I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past. – Patrick Henry

History is just that – history. We can’t change the past no matter how hard we try. However, we can make choices and decisions that will affect our future. Take time to dream of what you want the future to hold instead of living your life in the past. The past will only bring you down and detour you from the optimistic things that are waiting on you in the future.

  • History is meant to be read about not lived.
  • Start planning for the future.
  • See life as exciting and adventurous instead of something you have to merely get through.
  1. Am I constantly looking for ways to improve myself?
    1. Is there anything I’d like to do or say, but something in my past keeps stopping me?
    1. Do I tend to think negatively about situations because of things I’ve dealt with in the past?
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Positive Quotes For Anxiety

7. Only those who dare to dream can make their dreams come true. – Unknown

If you don’t have dreams and aspirations is life really worth living? No one can expect any of their wishes to come true unless they make the wish in the first place. Don’t let life’s ups and downs keep you from wanting and working towards your goals and dreams. If you never take the time to seek the things you want in life, how can those things ever come into being.

  • Decide what it is you really want out of life.
  • Dare to dream and dream big.
  • Set milestones to help you achieve your goals.
  1. Do I take time to dream no matter how big or small they may be?
    1. How can I reach my goals one step at a time?
    1. Do I seek to improve my life on a daily basis?

8. Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. – Auguste Rodin

Everything in life is an experience you can learn from. Be it good or bad, if you take the time to absorb the wisdom which comes from these experiences, you can use them to better yourself and the lives of others. If you’re wrong, there’s no shame in admitting it. It takes a bigger person to admit when he or she has made a mistake than it does to place blame elsewhere.

  • Admit when you’ve made a mistake.
  • Learn from your mistakes to avoid making the same one twice.
  • Take your experiences and use them for helping others when appropriate.
  1. Do I realize that I’m not always right and am I willing to admit when I’m not?
    1. Can I make it a point to remember situations that got me into trouble and take the steps necessary to avoid them in the future?
    1. Have I used my life experiences to help others in some form?
13 Motivational Quotes For Anxiety

9. The value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them. – Michel de Montaigne

Every day is a gift we’ve been given free of charge. Don’t waste it away. Instead make the most of each and every one. We don’t know just how many we’ll end up getting in our life. Wouldn’t it be sad to know that we’ve simply wasted away such a precious and meaningful gift just because we didn’t make use of it while we had it?

  • Set goals and know where you want to go.
  • Learn the value of life.
  • Remind yourself every day that life is a gift.
  1. Do I know and appreciate the value of my life?
    1. Am I willing to do at least one thing every day to make my time useful?
    1. Is there someone I can help that will make my day more meaningful and fulfilling?

10. Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.Anonymous

Our life will never be perfect, that’s a fact. However, if we spend all of our time worrying about what might be coming our way, we’ll never reap the benefits the world has to offer. The worry warts of the world miss out on so many things because they focus all their energy on the things that could happen and they miss the good things that did happen.

  • Stop worrying so much.
  • Take time to enjoy your today because once today is over you can never get it back.
  • Focus on the good things in life – no matter how trivial they may seem.
  1. Can I find the meaningful things in each day?
    1. Do I realize and accept that I’ll never be perfect or have a perfect life?
    1. Am I able to make the best of each and every day I have been blessed with?
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13 Positive Quotes for anxiety

11. You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.Margaret Thatcher

It takes patience and perseverance to win any battle. Sometimes, it’s important that we travel down a path more than once in order to gain the knowledge we need in life. If you feel you’re going down the same road you’ve been down before, remember what it is you did wrong the first time so as not to repeat it again.

  • Keep pushing forward.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Keep a positive and patient outlook in order to continue through your struggles and come out the other side a better person.
  1. Do I have the patience I need to see something through to the end?
    1. What lessons have I learned in the past that will help me get through this battle?
    1. Am I focused and willing to keep moving forward even when faced with adversities?

12. Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch.Ivern Ball

You can have all the information in the world stored in your mind, but if you lack the desire or excitement to do anything with that knowledge it’s basically useless. In order to be successful at anything, you must have an eagerness to make it work. Without passion turning the light on no one will ever see the glow. You might not use the 13 positive quotes for anxiety right away, but never let knowledge go to waste.

  • Learn something new every day.
  • Never let knowledge go to waste.
  • Do things to keep the enthusiasm going even in difficult times.
  1. Do I really enjoy what I’m doing?
    1. Do I have something that motivates me to keep chugging along when I really don’t want to?
    1. Have I done something significant with the information I have learned in my life?
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13. It is no disgrace to start all over. It is usually an opportunity. – George Matthew Adams

So many people see themselves as failures when something they are working on goes wrong. For this reason they scrap the whole idea. What do you think would happen if they had instead started the process over again, knowing what they didn’t know the first time around? Greatness just might be achieved but they never took the opportunity to find it due to humiliation taking over.

  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
  • Don’t wait for opportunities to come your way – create your own!
  • Keep your eyes open for opportunities can come about in the oddest of places.
  1. Do I truly understand the power of the lesson learned?
    1. No matter how bad I feel, can I promise to not give up without first trying again?
    1. Am I comfortable enough in my own skin that I can start over without feeling humiliated or shameful?

13 Motivational Quotes for Anxiety

Let these 13 motivational quotes for anxiety motivate you to achieve greatness. Everyone is capable of great things but not everyone grasps those opportunities. When you’re feeling defeated or run down, choose your favorite quote and meditate on its meaning. Find your inner strength and then take action. Let the world see what you’re capable of achieving.

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