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About Stephanie R. Coleman

Stephanie believes that every single one of us is called to greatness, and every experience that we have is a part of the process of bringing us into the full expression of that greatness.

In every circumstance, we can choose to either shrink down in despair or to use what resources and opportunities we have — to act and think like the kind of person we choose and desire to be.

However, despite their best efforts, too many people let obstacles of the mind sabotage their best efforts: Procrastination, Limiting beliefs, Lack of confidence, lack of willpower, or Negative thinking. -Bill Harris

Stephanie's passion is to help people overcome these obstacles. As managing partner at Stress-Free Brains, Stephanie provides training, coaching, and guidance for individuals who want to reach their Life's Goals.

Stephanie is fully accredited as a Personal Transformation Breakthrough Practitioner through the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association.

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