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Why Focus On Self-Awareness?

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Stephanie's story starts 13 years ago when my husband of 20 years passed away. When my husband died not only did I lose the love of my life and provider, I had 2 kids to look after and take care of. So, I started looking into becoming my own online boss and starting my own online business. However, in the beginning, I only had some success. Because I didn't know it at the time, what I really needed and didn’t have was mental and emotional resilience or the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

As an entrepreneur, we are exponentially more likely to suffer from mental health problems, and yet, people don't talk about this enough. Becoming an entrepreneur is fetishized and glamorized. Because quitting is the result of physical or emotional pain I had to learn the way to finish what I start.

Signs of grief were keeping me from my goals, dreams, and desires of becoming a business owner.

Years later after being able to follow my patterns for stress, anxiety, and depression I can map out exactly what was going on then and not continue to follow those same disrupting patterns now. This felt good to know I wasn’t just a habitual failure. I was not someone who was just failing at life and in business. And so this was the defining moment that I knew I wanted to help other women to feel that they could overcome their mental and emotional limiting factors to becoming successful.

Once I was diagnosed with these mental and emotional disorders, I went on a mission to find out about stress, anxiety, and depression. I started reading books, searching the internet, attending seminars, and taking courses. I found that all three conditions are connected. We do the same things; we all have a pattern that runs through even though we all have certain patterns that we run. Once I was able to identify the pattern(s) that I run I was then able to consciously choose a different pattern. I was not able to start changing these patterns immediately, it happened over time the way life usually goes.

But what I did was I was able to start identifying the patterns and what I did, what I thought, and what I focused on during the times of stress. And the patterns that I would run for anxiety, what I did, what I thought, and what I focused on. And the patterns that I would run for depression, what I did, what I thought, and what I focused on and I was able to connect to those patterns so I was able to then choose different patterns for success. My husband was 46 an extremely outgoing, vibrant individual who connected one on one with people. As a matter of fact, at the memorial, there were just as many of his workmates there as there were family and family friends. Suddenly, my husband and their friend were no longer with us, and In an instant, I had this void in my life this person who wasn’t there.

A couple of weeks went by and I was starting to get used to it as much as a person can, but the pain never goes away. Right now, I’m thinking about it and my heart aches because he’s still not with us a few years later. But I knew I needed to get on with it and if I’m going to help as many women around the world as I want to help then I need to change something within me. I need to say get on and do it no matter what. And that is absolutely what I want you to do. I want you to say to yourself I’m not going to wait for a moment like this. Don’t wait for that moment, make a change today and say I’m going to put all of my crap aside, all of my fears, all of my beliefs, all of the stories I told myself that have stopped me from being who I want to be, doing want I want to do and having what I want to have.

Say that you are going to put all this aside so that you can make a change in your life and make that change today.

Because I had to make that choice to throw all that stuff aside, that is why I’m telling you to make the change today. I still have fears when I start a new business goal or project in my business, these negative thoughts still creep in. But the difference now is that I have mental and emotional awareness, and with awareness comes choice. Because I know my program helps people I want the same for you in whatever business you are starting or business you are doing now, I want you to make the choice today.

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