Hi I’m Stephanie. I am a EFT tapping coach from Henderson Nevada with 15 years of experience.

I believe that self-awareness for development and change throughout life is crucial to weight loss success.


As an entrepreneur, we are exponentially more likely to suffer from not having conscious knowledge of our own character, feelings, motives, and desires, and yet, people don't talk about this enough.

Becoming an entrepreneur is fetishized and glamorized.

"After years of terrible decisions because of trauma, grief and putting on over 100 lbs, I:

...Did the soul work to identify what my next step should be, and I took it.

...Used these same principles to get to know me and find my passion and purpose to easily lose weight quickly.

...Switched careers from a job to my own business that I find meaning in each day.

...Realized I knew how to help other women to do the same."

Say that you are going to put your past aside so that you can make a change in your life and make that change today.

I had to make the choice to throw all that past stuff aside, this is why I'm telling you to make the change today. I still have fears and negative thoughts still creep in. But the difference now is that through self-awareness I'm able to motivate myself, manage my stress better, make intuitive decisions, and lead and motivate others more effectively.

Because I know that my program helps female entrepreneurs develop a self-awareness mindset that encourages weight loss, happiness, peace & success all the time, I want the same for you, I want you to make the choice today.

Stephanie R. Coleman,

Certified & Accredited

I am clear on what I desire and do the work required to make my dreams a reality.

Topics I Can Help You With


Passion to remember your purpose in so that you stop sabotaging your weight loss.


How to have a structure or long term program in place to keep the weight off.


Strategy for emotional and mental weight loss to have a healthy mindset.

Tools To Use

Emotional Freedom Techniques for binging, overeating and cravings.

Life Skills

Raise awareness around food choices. Only eat when you are hungry and to stop when you are full.

Weight Loss

Food cravings, binges, metabolism.

Self-awareness is the single most important thing in keeping the weight off and living a meaningful life!