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Coping With Anxiety: A Master Plan

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In this post, I am explaining strategies and techniques for coping with anxiety. Also, I have included my done-for-you affirmations for you to use to help you to cope. The link will be located at the end of this article and You will be able to download these done-for-you weekly affirmations.

First things first let us look at what anxiety is and how it affects people. Anxiety is an emotional disorder “affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year,” these statistics are according to the ADAA.

The ADAA also these statistics states that even though anxiety disorders are treatable only 36.9% of people who suffer receive treatment. In fact, anxiety disorders develop from a set of risks such as genetics, brain chemistry, personality, and life events. Most importantly, it is not uncommon for anxiety disorders to manifest into depression or depression into anxiety.

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Symptoms of anxiety disorders

Do you feel anxious when the pressure’s on? Do you struggle to calm your nerves in the midst of stressful situations? These are very normal feelings. Sometimes, however, these worries can become overwhelming even in your day-to-day routines.

Extreme anxiety can inhibit your everyday life. Anxiety about a particular situation can cause you to feel worried about everything else. Anxiety can run your life if you let it, but you can take control and learn to thrive in situations that challenge your resolve.

Learning to Cope With Anxiety

Learning to deal effectively with anxiety is a powerful skill that will benefit you in many ways. Your relationships with others will be impacted in a positive way. You’ll go after your dreams instead of giving up easily. And your self-confidence will grow as you develop the habit of effectively responding to situations despite the fears inside of you.

If you begin to use these five strategies today, you’ll notice the difference immediately. These ideas are simple, but they have the power to revolutionize your life.

These techniques can help you cope with your anxious feelings:

  1. Practice deep breathing. One of the most effective ways to cope with anxiety is deep breathing. Deep breaths get much-needed oxygen to your brain and throughout your body, relaxing your muscles. The increased air to your body and mind helps you calm down in times when you would normally become stressed out.
  • When you notice that you’re beginning to get nervous, pay attention to your breathing. For a few days, practice deep breathing in a relaxed, private, comfortable environment where you’re not rushed. Put your hand on your belly, and make your hand rise and fall with each breath. Be sure to take in a slow, full breath. Exhale slowly.
  • If you practice this deep breathing exercise before the moment of truth, you’ll be equipped to control your breathing when a stressful situation occurs. When the pressure is on, and you notice your heartbeat beginning to rise, simply pay attention to your breathing and do what you’ve practiced.

How to Face Your Fears

  1. Face your fears. If you worry constantly, you may not be leaving your comfort zone often enough. Seek opportunities to stretch your mental boundaries in ways that aren’t extremely stressful. As your mind and body become used to taking on challenges in dealing with your nerves, give yourself greater challenges to increase your ability to handle them.
  • If you’re in the habit of shying away from things that stress you out, purposefully put yourself into situations that you aren’t sure about. This will help you build confidence. The more steps you take outside of your comfort zone, the better equipped you’ll be when the real challenges of life cause you to feel anxious.
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Nutrition & Exercise are two keys To Coping With Anxiety

  1. Eat nutritiously. An often-overlooked way to beat anxiety is to make sure that your body is properly fueled for the challenges it must face. Drink plenty of water. Eat a balanced breakfast. Eat small meals, and eat more often. Keep track of what you’re eating in a daily log so that you can begin to notice patterns that sabotage your health.
  • When your body is fueled properly, the daily anxieties you experience will be less overwhelming.
  1. Exercise. Your body is made to move. If you sit at a desk all day, you’ll likely face greater challenges with worry and stress than someone who’s always on the move. Exercise provides tremendous stress relief, an outlet for frustration and a boost to your overall self-confidence. All of these contribute to a peaceful feeling and less anxiety on a daily basis.
  2. Seek professional help. Sometimes, the issues you face with anxiety may require you to seek counseling to overcome them. If you’ve tried many things without success, a mental health professional that is trained to help you overcome these challenges may be your best bet.
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Last Bit of Advice for Coping with Anxiety

It’s normal to feel nervous when stressful situations occur. But without strategies to overcome those nerves, you can feel paralyzed and sabotage your chances of experiencing the success you deserve. Instead, start using these five strategies today to effectively cope with your feelings of anxiety and emerge triumphant over them. Below you will find your affirmations. Say these affirmations three times a day for 30 days and you may find that you have reset your brain and that you have a whole new mindset.

Affirmations for Coping with Anxiety

I know How to Relax and Release Anxiety Affirmations

I have some stress in my life, but I know how to manage it. I have many techniques at my disposal and can quickly counteract any stress or anxiety I am feeling. I can do this quickly, easily, and effectively.

My ability to relax and calm myself adds greatly to my life.

Because I am so good at dealing with anxiety, I am able to do things others are too afraid to try. I can do anything, regardless of how scary it might be. My ability to manage my emotional states makes me courageous.

I am able to extinguish any negative emotions rapidly. I notice when I first begin to feel stressed and take action immediately.

I relax my body and focus on my breath. I quickly feel much better and able to take on the world. I do this several times each day.

I have many opportunities to practice releasing my stress and anxiety. Traffic, waiting in line, and minor disagreements are all excellent practice.

I know that mastering the minor stressors in life is the key to mastering the bigger stressors.

Today, I am taking the time I need to release my stress and anxiety. I am relaxing my body and mind. I know how to relax and release anxiety.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are my strategies for relieving stress and anxiety? Are they effective?
2. What are the biggest stressors in my life?
3. What can I do to make my life less stressful?

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