Defeating Loneliness A 7-Step Plan

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Alone, All alone. Nobody, but nobody. Can make it out here alone. This quote by Maya Angelo rings true for all of us. Especially when it comes to defeating loneliness. Mostly, because this quote lets each of us know that we were not meant to be alone nor are we strange for feeling lonesome.

Loneliness is one of the most common human emotions. It’s even possible to feel lonely while surrounded by a group or in a room full of individuals. Loneliness isn’t necessarily the absence of people in your life. It can be due to a lack of meaningful relationships.

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Defeating Loneliness

Loneliness isn’t entirely within our control, but there are tons that everyone can do to tilt the chances in their favor. You don’t need to stay lonely if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Re-energize your social life and your relationships with these strategies:

  1. Understand when you feel lonely. Is it after work? On the weekends? During holidays? What is the nature of your loneliness? Are you lonely for somebody to take a seat on the couch and watch TV with you? Or are you lonely for somebody that you simply can shop and share lunch with?
  2. Find places you can connect with others. There are people all around you. You probably have former friends, current friends, and even relations that live nearby. The internet is also a spectacular resource if you’re looking to connect with others. Consider groups, forums, and find meetup opportunities online with your interests in mind or lookout for a new hobby.
  3. A pet can be a great companion. A pet might seem like poor companionship compared to a person, but many people prefer their pets to other people! Pets require less attention than a toddler, and therefore the right pet will always be glad to ascertain you. ◦ It doesn’t matter how much life is beating you down, your pet will always love you just the same.
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Defeat Loneliness
  1. Search for hobbies you’ll do with others. Think about all the things you wish to try and identify people who have similar interests. Ask the people you know to join you. Join a club or league that’s relevant to your interests.
  2. Enhance your current relationships. Maybe you don’t need to connect with new people. Perhaps all you would need to try to do is strengthen the present relationships in your life. ◦ Take a greater interest in the lives of others and be willing to share more of your own life. You might just get to spend longer with the present group of friends you have already got. ◦ You will also find that strengthening your current friendships will bring you into contact with more people. You might find that you like the friends of your friends more than you like your friends!
  3. Cherish your alone time. Think of all the great things you can do by yourself without interruption. ◦ You could learn a foreign language or play an instrument. ◦ You could read a book or even write a book! ◦ You can watch whatever you want on TV without having to worry about another person’s viewing preferences.
  4. Since we are all at home for now during the Covid-19 pandemic you can use digital relationships as a substitute for contact with someone in-person. Do a tea party over Zoom. Most everyone has some sort of tea at home. Make up your invitations online and send them by email. Or if your not tech-savvy go here to Amazon and get tea party invitations, fill them with your guest’s names, and put them in your outgoing mail. Nothing will happen until you take control of your social life. The world is waiting for you.
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Defeating Loneliness

A little loneliness now then is par for the course. But, if you’re lonely daily, do what you can to reinforce your social life and current relationships.

There are many lonely people within the world just expecting someone such as you to succeed in finding them. Be the one to take the initiative. You’ll be glad you did.

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