Benefits of EFT Self-Awareness

Discover the Benefits of Having a Tapping Buddy

You might think of tapping as a solo activity, but it can also be a team effort. In this post you will discover the benefits of having a tapping buddy and how this will help you. In fact, many practitioners rely on a EFT tapping buddy as an important part of their journey towards greater peace of mind.

If you’d like to try these emotional freedom techniques with a tapping buddy, check out these suggestions. They’re guaranteed to keep you from feeling lonely in your self awareness journey.

Benefits of Having a EFT Tapping Buddy

  1. Hold yourself accountable. Maybe you’ve wanted to start tapping for a long time, but you find it difficult to get started. On the other hand, maybe you sit down diligently for weeks at a time, but then drift off track. A EFT partner helps you become more responsible because someone will notice whether or not you are doing well.
  2. Enjoy mutual support. Contrary to what you may have heard, tapping is not all about tapping on body parts and saying affirmations or phrases. Difficult emotions and unpleasant thoughts may surface when you look deeply into your mind. It’s good to have someone by your side while you’re struggling.
  3. Tap into collective power. Many EFT practitioners like to gather together with one or two others for at least part of their practice time. By pooling your knowledge you’ll both feel more connected and courageous.
  4. Share your knowledge. If you’re already experienced at EFT Tapping, you can provide assistance. Answer your partner’s questions and volunteer the information you wish you had starting out.
  5. Receive instruction. If you are new to tapping your partner maybe more experienced than you and they can teach you the basics. You’ll progress more quickly when you know where the meridian points are and how to use them.

How to Find a EFT Tapping Partner

  1. Go online. The internet makes it easy to reach out. Consider joining a Meetup Group.
  2. Ask around. Your tapping buddy could be one or more of your classmates. You should take a course to become certified in EFT Tapping or emotional freedom techniques and you can get to know someone to be a buddy.
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How to Work with a EFT Tapping Buddy

  1. Schedule time together. Agree on the time commitment you are willing and able to make. You may want to sit together daily or touch base every couple of weeks to discuss your progress.
  2. Talk openly. Choose someone you can trust and be prepared to divulge your inner thoughts. Your practice will be more rewarding when you can work through any obstacles that are holding you back from greater happiness.
  3. Exchange feedback. Give generously of your insights and impressions. Challenge each other in a loving and tactful way. Let your partner know when you’re impressed with how far they’ve come, and when you think they need to work a little harder.
  4. Take practical action. EFT is more meaningful when you keep your practice in mind all day long. Collaborate with your partner on translating your sessions into concrete steps in other aspects of your life.
  5. Listen closely. However often you connect, give your EFT partner your full attention. Show them that you care about what they have to say.
  6. Clarify your purpose. Ensure your goals align. It will probably be easier to communicate if you share the same beliefs and values.

EFT Tapping is significantly more useful when you practice with a partner. Encourage and support one another on the road to greater self-awareness and compassion.

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