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Dismiss These Self-Destructive Thoughts Forever

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Do you notice when negative, self-destructive thoughts creep into your mind? If you are like most folks, you likely even discourage yourself with negative self-talk. Beware of these negative processes! Dismiss these self-destructive thoughts forever. Because you can get overwhelmed with the negativity of your self-destructive thoughts.

Are you sending yourself these troubled messages?

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Each example below is followed by suggestions about the way to banish the thought for good:

1. No one understands me. If you are feeling this way, then examine how it is that you simply have many people around you – friends, relations, and associates – and still you think not a one “gets” you.

* Strive to ensure they know how you feel. Share your thoughts appropriately with the people involved. This action will assist you gain confidence in your self-expression and quell the negative thought.


Self-destruction, Time Management, and Productivity

2. I do not have enough time to “___________” (go after my dreams, get healthy, enjoys my beloved hobbies, or fill in your own other ideas). If the sole belongings you have time to try to to are belongings you need to do, it sure doesn’t make life much fun.

* Begin working to achieve a healthy balance in your life. Allow time every day to require part in things that make your heart sing. Fit your favorite activities into your very busy day.

* Start small, if you need to, by scheduling just 15 minutes for yourself.

* once you proactively take hold of your schedule, you will be assured that you simply complete every activity you would like to try to to .

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Self-Destructive Behaviour or Happy Life

3. I don’t deserve to have a happy life. Perhaps choices you’ve made within the past have caused you considerable psychological pain. You’ve been beating yourself up emotionally over those decisions. However, if you’ve identified them as poor choices, you’ve learned to not repeat them.

* Congratulate yourself for learning from your mistakes. You’ve gained new knowledge to use from today forward.

* Confront this sort of thinking by saying, “No, this thought isn’t right. I do deserve to have a happy life. After all, I learn well from my mistakes.”

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4. Things never seem to figure out on behalf of me . This is a general statement that colors how you are feeling about yourself. It sends a subtle self-message: “I must not be doing anything right.”

* Actually, you likely do many things well. Spend some time identifying what those things are. Also, you may be focusing too much on what doesn’t work out well and barely noticing what’s going right in your life. Take time now to write down what you do well.

There Is No Such Thing As Perfect

5. If I can’t do it perfectly, then I’m not doing it at all. It’s positive that you want to do your best in all that you do. But how will you try anything new if it has to be done perfectly? Thinking this way will prevent you from ever venturing outside your comfort zone.

* Try adopting a replacement mantra: “If initially i do not succeed, I’ll keep trying until I do.”

* Allow yourself the opportunity to make mistakes. Remind yourself that creating an error may be a real learning experience you’ll enjoy . Optimistically embrace your errors.

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6. I’m afraid to do the things I really want to do. What are you specifically afraid of? The source of your fears could likely be an embarrassment, failure, or what others will think. In reality, it’s healthy to have a certain amount of fear when embarking upon something new or unknown.

* The key is that, even though you feel the fear, you must do the thing you want to do anyway. Otherwise, you’ll never know what positive things could happen as a result of your following through with your hopes and dreams.

When negative thoughts begin to invade your mind, nip them within the bud with the above suggestions. Banish your self-destructive thoughts forever and live a life crammed with joy and serenity. After all, you deserve it.

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