Benefits of EFT Weight Loss

EFT Tapping Can Help You Lose Weight

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When you’re experiencing difficulty during weight loss EFT tapping can help you lose weight. EFT tapping can be an effective complement to diet and exercise. As appreciation grows for the mind-body connection, more dieters are discovering the benefits of mindfulness.

Learn here how tapping can help you manage your weight along with some simple practices for getting started.

How EFT Tapping Helps With Weight Loss

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  1. Develop a healthy relationship with food. If you’re trying to change the way you eat, you may feel like food is an enemy. Analyzing your attitudes about food will help you adopt a healthier view about the importance of nutrition.
  2. Improve your self-esteem. Sticking to your diet is easier when you feel good about yourself. Training your mind to become less judgmental may make you thinner and happier. When you cherish yourself, you’ll often get better results with less effort.
  3. Strengthen your motivation. To keep weight off, it’s important to sustain your motivation over the long haul. Building a strong mental foundation for your diet will make it easier to resist temptation even when there’s another birthday cake being passed around the office.
  4. Give your kids positive messages about eating. When you become a positive role model, you can pass your good habits along to your kids.
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  • Studies show that when parents try to control how kids eat, it can backfire and cause more resistance. Your good example may protect your kids from eating disorders and yo-yo dieting.

EFT Tapping Practices for Dieters

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  1. Eat mindfully. Self-monitoring is one of the most effective tactics for weight loss. The mindfulness you develop during your seated tapping can carry over throughout the day to keep you from eating on the run or while watching TV. Learn to savor every bite instead.
  2. Use EFT Tapping in addition to diet and exercise. Meditation is a great supplement to good nutrition and regular exercise. Make all three part of your regular routine.
  3. Engage in positive self-talk. Use your tapping sessions to focus on your good qualities and on the positive efforts you’re making. You’ll enjoy life more even while you’re cutting back on calories.
  4. Set goals. Tapping sessions can also be an opportunity to develop incremental goals and to evaluate your progress. Think about what you want to accomplish each day and praise yourself for your efforts.
  5. Analyze setbacks. You’re bound to encounter some backsliding from time to time. If you identify the triggers that pull you off course, you can make plans for how to deal with them.
  6. Listen to your body. Some dieters grow disconnected and fail to recognize when they’re full. By paying attention to your body, you’ll become more sensitive to its cues and learn to stop eating when you’ve had enough.
  7. Get support. If EFT is part of your practice find a tapping buddy. Another tapping practitioner will help you to be accountable. You can find practitioners on social media groups or for more serious issues around losing weight hire an EFT tapping coach.

Brain training can assist you in developing healthy eating habits that will allow you to lose weight safely and maintain it. Eat a well-balanced diet, exercise regularly, and use EFT to your advantage. The key to weight loss success is in your mind.

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