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How to Train Your Brain to Eat Less

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Does this sound familiar? You are going along doing well on your diet when suddenly you hit a bump in the road. Probably you skip your breakfast and end up eating a double bacon cheeseburger during your lunch because you are so hungry. You may enjoy a healthy dinner, but you end up snacking on potato chips afterward even though you are no longer hungry. In this post, I hope to help you put an end to this by giving you tips that will show you how to train your brain to eat less.

How to Train Your Brain to Eat Less?

Managing your weight is easier when you can control eat only when you are hungry. Even if you’re a healthy size now, your body will slow down as you grow older. That means you’re liable to gain excess pounds just by eating the same amount as usual.

Remember that overeating starts in your brain and so does the solution.

How to Train Your Brain to Eat Less?
Training Your Brain

Try these tips for training your Brain.

Changing What You Eat by Training Your Brain:

  • Consume more fiber. Foods rich in fiber fill you up faster partly because they tend to be bulky and take longer to chew. As a bonus, they’re often highly nutritious and reduce your risk for many serious health conditions. Good choices include most vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.
  • Increase your protein. Protein also discourages hunger, and it helps you conserve muscle mass. Muscles burn more calories than fat. Spread your intake of protein over the day so your body can digest it and use it effectively. Shop for lean sources to add to your diets, such as low-fat Greek yogurt and most seafood.
How to Train Your Brain to Eat Less?
  • Drink water. Sometimes we confuse thirst with hunger. Drinking a glass or two of water before meals may help you to reduce your portion sizes.
  • Choose solid calories. Fancy coffee drinks and cocktails make it easy to down 600 calories or more before your brain knows what happened. The food you chew gives your brain more time to feel full.
  • Serve soup. However, the liquid in a soup is a different matter, because the high water content suppresses your appetite. Settle down with a bowl of minestrone on a cold winter day.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners. Using zero-calorie sweeteners can backfire. Scientists believe they prime your brain to want to eat more because they’re hundreds of times sweeter than sugar.
How to Train Your Brain to Eat Less?

Changing How You Eat by Training Your Brain to Eat Less:

  • Act mindfully. Slow down and savor your food. You will digest your food more completely, and you’ll probably eat less. The more you taste the ingredients in the food the better.
  • Buy smaller plates. Several studies confirm that food looks and feel more abundant when you place it on a smaller serving piece. It’s a simple way to have your cake and eat lighter too. Also, while smaller plates will help it sometimes takes the brain time to adjust to smaller plates or less food on a regular plate. Don’t try to force these actions let it come naturally through self awareness.
  • Sleep well. One of the reasons why a lack of sleep can cause you to gain weight is because you’re disrupting the hormones that regulate hunger. Get enough sleep. Ensure that you’re sleeping well, too. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day. Sleep in complete darkness and have it as quiet as possible.
  • Exercise regularly. Physical activity can help regulate your appetite in addition to burning calories and relieving stress. It’s a powerful combination for anyone who wants to make staying fit more pleasant.
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  • Whittle your waist. The fat that accumulates around the midsection is especially harmful, raising the risk for heart conditions, diabetes, and certain cancers. There is also some evidence that it stimulates hunger hormones and the accumulation of fat. Focus on some of your activities on waist-trimming exercises.
  • Seek support of a specialist. And there’s some evidence that tapping can help you lose weight, according to certain studies. Weight gain and binge eating behaviors are linked to elevated cortisol levels. So, if EFT tapping helps you lose weight by stabilizing your cortisol level, it could help you lose weight.
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However, even with all these excellent tips and choices, I have just given you we sometimes need extra help losing weight. This is because our thoughts, emotions, anxiety, and stress can directly affect our metabolism.

These issues can keep the metabolism from working at its optimal level which causes it to be slow and in turn, our weight loss can be slow, plateau, or keep you from losing any pounds or inches.

When your metabolism slows, stalls, or simply doesn’t work your body is not performing at its best. This then causes more emotional anxiety and stress…

Try as you might break out of the cycle of yo-yo dieting, gaining and losing only to gain the weight back, grueling exercise only to get to a certain point or area in your life where you stall…

Even with the best of intentions, and even if you have an excellent weight loss program anxiety and stress causes you to crave sugar. Not to mention because your body’s energy or balance is off it is harder for you to resist cravings.

It’s Time for Change Train Your Brain to Eat Less

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My motivation is to see you overcome the anxieties and stress of life that are holding you back, keeping you from losing weight, and creating more of what you want in your life!

Get physically fit, lose all the weight you want & the will power you need…without the grueling effort.

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It is possible to eat less and still enjoy delicious food. Small changes in the way you eat add up to a big difference. Find the habits that work for you to satisfy your hunger with fewer calories. Your brain and body will adjust to and benefit from these healthy changes.

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