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I Trust In The Process Of Life: Affirmation Reflections

Affirmations are helpful when you are struggling with stress and anxiety. Try to focus and meditate on them to be able to trust in the process of life and what is happening in your life. Most importantly affirmations can help you to manage depression or emotional challenges. Read the affirmations below in the morning and when you wake and at night before bed.

At the end of this post, you will see the reflection questions to ask yourself. These questions help you to meditate, focus to build self-awareness. When you build self-awareness you then have a better understanding of your emotions, strengths, even your weaknesses. Which helps you to know your driving factors.

I Trust In The Process Of Life: Affirmation Reflections

Life is a wonderful mystery, and I am content to let it unfold. While others might complain and struggle, I can see that life has its own process. I trust in the process of life even if I lack complete understanding.

Life is a miraculous thing. All the answers come in time. While the reasons may be a mystery to me, I know that there is a purpose to everything in my life.

I trust the process of life and trust in my Creator. Knowing that life has its own agenda, I am able to relax and go with the flow. I still make a conscious effort to direct my life where I can, but I am accepting of where life takes me.

I Trust In The Process Of Life: Affirmation Reflections

I realize there is real power in acceptance.

When I am at work, I can see that certain things are beyond my control. I am comfortable with this. Work provides me with the opportunity to not just experience my own life, but to also observe the lives of others. I learn so much.

When I am at home, the process of life – with its ups and downs, twists and turns – is so evident, and I appreciate it. It is beautiful to me and keeps life interesting.

Today, I accept all that life has to offer and recognize that things happen in their own time. The process of life is an incredible thing, and I trust in it completely.

I Trust In The Process Of Life: Affirmation Reflections

Self-Reflection Questions:

  • What are some of my challenges in life right now?
  • Can I accept that I might not understand the reasons for my challenges?
  • How can I be more accepting and trusting of life itself?

Affirmations and self-reflection questions help tp motivate you to dig deeper. They allow you to look neutrally at your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions and ask yourself why do I feel this way? When you know why you feel a certain way this, in turn, helps you to learn from each situation and experience you have in life so you do not keep repeating the negative experiences.

Read them as many times during the day that you feel you need to do them they can change your mood. You can Download Here to have an on-the-go resource with you at all times.

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