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My setbacks have solutions. Affirmations and Reflections

Few things are more overwhelming than change. Change presents unexpected challenges and forces you into new experiences. If you aren’t prepared for new experiences, you will certainly struggle with change.

With these affirmations and reflections, you can find hope when you find yourself in overwhelming situations. Affirmations offer you guidance and different tips to cope with change.

Try them daily for support as you seek to become less flustered with changing conditions:

My Setbacks have solutions

I remain calm when things go haywire. I learn from experience. I evaluate my actions so I can improve my performance. I am satisfied as long as I keep growing.

I take responsibility for my actions. Covering up blunders or blaming others causes more trouble. Being honest about the situation shows that I care and gives me a chance to make amends.

I treat myself with compassion. I give myself credit for being creative and taking risks even if the results are less than I hoped for. I can laugh at myself when I do something silly. I can reassure myself when I get off track temporarily.

I think positive. I view problems as challenges and opportunities. When I lose one thing, I may gain another. If I miss out on a job offer, I strengthen my qualifications until I can land the position I want.

I try a new approach. I am flexible and resilient. I change my strategy when I run into obstacles.

I ask for assistance. I can accomplish more when I team up with others. Understanding my limitations is a sign of strength. I welcome feedback and helping hands.

I focus on solutions. I catch myself when I start to dwell on the past or let a disappointment weigh me down. I put my energy into generating alternatives and testing them out. My victories are even sweeter when they take more time and effort.

Today, I turn miscalculations into steppingstones. I keep moving forward.

Daily Main Affirmations:

“My Setbacks have solutions”

“I can reassure myself when I get off track temporarily”

“I am flexible and resilient”

“I focus on solutions”

Daily Self-Reflection Questions to Ask Yourself:

1. Why am I afraid to make mistakes?
2. How would I describe my problem-solving skills?
3. What is one funny story about a time I messed up?

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