Our Core Values

My Core Values

In everything that I do here at StressFreeBrains.com, I am guided by 10 core values...to be a better company and a better person.

Core Values

woman, listen to, inner voice

1. Listening deeply to my client.

thinking, person, person thinking

2. Instructing you to develop and trust your intuition

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3. Helping you Get out of your own way (i.e. through me, not by me)

Core Values

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4. Trusting the process.

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5. Developing rapport.

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6. Recognizing that my client is doing the best they can.

Core Values

stress, anxiety, depression

7. Allowing my client to express themselves in whatever way they need.

excited, person, happy

8. Asking skillful questions for the purpose of discovering and addressing core issues.

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9. Help to build the clients belief system

Core Values

excited, person, happy

10. Skillfully encouraging clients to notice their progress.

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