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My Five-Step Accelerated Breakthrough Program will reflect on all aspects of your life. We’ll find the positives and negatives and take away what needs to be done to help you make progress. We’ll search to find a stronger, more clearly defined sense of direction in your life, focusing on your wants and needs. I aim to provide a way for you to self reflect upon your position in life and create a plan to get you where you want to be.

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Stephanie's Qualifications:

brain, mind, psychology

Neuro Linguistic Programming - Master Practictioner

NLP shows you how to achieve the results of successful people by the process of discovering the patterns of people who achieve their goals in life, and making these effective ways of thinking and communicating available for others to use for their own benefit or to assist others. Used by successful individuals to reach a personal goal.

mind, peace, peace of mind

Emotional Freedom Technique - Master Practitioner

EFT Tapping Lowers the stress hormone cortisol. Rewires Your Brain. Changes Your Mind and Habits for a Better Life Without Anxiety. This practice consists of tapping with your fingertips on specific meridian or acupuncture points while talking through traumatic memories and a wide range of emotions.

brain, mind, psychology

Thought Field Therapist - Master Practitioner

TFT often works when nothing else will. It has been used for weight loss, stop smoking, phobias, trauma relief, love pain, and much, much more. TFT eliminates most negative emotions within minutes and promote the body’s own healing ability. TFT is the leading emotional freedom therapy providing you with a path to success.

Private Coaching

Free/30 Minute Session

This is a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session to the Accelerated Breakthrough Program (best value: 3 hours session).

Private Coaching

$599.98/2 Hours Session

This is a 2 Hour Five-Step Accelerated Breakthrough Program. (best value 3 Hour Session)

  • Reduce Sleeplessness

  • Eliminate Dysfunctional Feeling & Behaviors

  • Dissolve Mental and Emotional Issues


Summer Offer $809.97

This is a 3 Hour Five-Step Accelerated Breakthrough Program (best value: Summer Offer) If you are interested in more hours and time you can contact me here for best rates.


Why Private Coaching Online?

Using Zoom You can get coaching when you need it. This appeals to people who have busy schedules. This way there is no wasted travel time and you can have coaching wherever you want, office, conference room at work, home, or while you travel.

How Does This Form Of Therapy Work?

This is Emotional Freedom Therapy which is a form of counseling using various theories such as Acupuncture without needles, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Thought Field Therapy. This type of therapy is an alternative treatment for pain and emotional distress.

Do You Offer Coaching by Phone?

Yes, if you prefer we can do sessions over the phone. However, the coaching sessions are better 1 on 1 with Zoom. Especially if you are new to emotional freedom techniques such as EFT tapping and TFT Therapy. In other words, some techniques are easier to learn when you can watch and perform the routine.

Why Coaching by Zoom?

Coaching is done by Zoom. However, for private coaching, your best results will be with Zoom. Some of the emotional freedom techniques are easier when you can watch me so that you can learn them.

What is A Free 30 Minute Strategy Session?

This is a Zoom Video Session for you and me to see if you’re ready to embark on a life-changing breakthrough coaching journey. If so, we will get started breaking through your issue(s). After this 30 minute session, you should feel that you are ready to start on the road to personal transformation.

How Many Sessions Do I Get?

Although we can get through a lot in a session, please remember it's just one 30 minute session! You are responsible for following through on anything we work on and may consider committing to more coaching sessions in order to see a full transformation and progression.

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Emotional freedom therapy provides emotional freedom to move forward in every area of your life. Attain a level of happiness and inner peace you may have never thought possible.