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Tapping The Power Of Your Mind To Lose Weight Effortlessly

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People often find it hard to lose weight. It’s more than two-thirds of all adult people in the United States who are overweight or obese. They all want to lose weight. However, losing weight successfully requires that you use all of your resources. Tapping the power of your mind to lose weight effortlessly can tip the scale in your favor.

EFT Tapping or emotional freedom tapping can help you by using the power of purpose and habits to change your behavior:

1. Become a person who places a priority on health, moderation, and exercise. Changing your behavior is part of the solution to losing weight. A more important part of the equation is changing your identity – how you think of yourself. If you consider yourself as an overweight person taking healthy actions, success will be a challenge.

* If you identify yourself as a healthy person that makes healthy decisions, success is much more likely and much easier. Your beliefs lead your actions.

2. Develop an exercise habit. Having effective habits puts your brain on autopilot. If you need to lose weight, you already have some poor habits in place. Decide to override those habits and implant a few new habits.

* If we are honest with ourselves regular exercise takes more than just willpower. Yet willpower is necessary to create the habit of daily exercise. Tapping uses the mind to change your attitude which makes exercise easy and not a drag. Using a tapping script for exercise will help you start small, and be consistent.

3. Develop a healthy eating habit. Do the same thing with your eating habits. Add one healthy food and subtract an unhealthy food. Apply this process slowly until your diet is healthy and you’re happy with your weight loss. However, it is easier said than done. If you are an emotional eater EFT tapping can help with emotional eating habits by calming the part of the brain that controls stress.

4. Set a goal. How much would you like to weigh? If you have a clear target, your odds improve considerably. If you don’t know what you want, how will you know when you’ve arrived? Set a clear goal. A clear goal incorporates a deadline and a clear target. Your brain requires clarity in order to thrive. In fact, using EFT to tap on a specific goal helps to release blocks that are keeping you from achieving your goals.

5. Deal with any emotional turmoil. Our obstacles are in our own mind. What concerns do you have about losing weight? Are you worried about being hungry or feeling lethargic? Are you afraid your spouse won’t find you attractive anymore? Sometimes we don’t always know exactly what emotion or thought is holding us back. We can now use an energy process, like EFT, to get rid of the things that keep us from hearing, feeling, and acting on our own inner voice.

* It’s necessary to deal with your negative emotions surrounding the achievement of your goal. Otherwise, you’ll be fighting with yourself.

6. Remember. This can be as simple as reading your goal aloud, tapping and visualizing your success. Others have more success with repeating their goal several times per day. When you tap on your goal you are using affirmations or phrases which remind you of your goal and keeps it in the front of your mind. Too many people fail to reinforce their goals and forget all about them within a week. Make this a habit.

7. Always track your progress by journaling or writing it down. The number on the scale is what it is. Weigh yourself daily and average your results for the entire week. Compare that number to the previous week. Are you seeing progress? If so, congratulate yourself and continue. If you’re not losing weight, reassess your diet and exercise plan. Are you being compliant? Is it time for a new plan? Most of all, EFT tapping stabilizes your cortisol levels making it easier to lose weight and to see steady progress.

* Reward yourself when you’ve done well. You’ve earned it.

* Don’t just track your weight. Track your compliance, too. If your diet and exercise plan are sound, your level of compliance determines your success.

Start your weight-loss journey today. If you are able to use the power of your mind, you can lose weight faster and easier. Set a clear goal and build habits that help you reach that goal. Soon, you’ll have the body of your dreams.

However, no matter how hard you try to lose weight, you either can’t or gain the weight you lost back, and in some cases, you acquire even more pounds than you needed to shed.

If this describes you, please contact me here to make an appointment. I will work with you to not only lose weight safely and steadily, but also to set you up with a program that will help you keep the pounds and inches off.

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