Benefits of EFT

Tapping Yourself Rich

Tapping yourself rich, Tapping for abundance and the law of attraction has recently gotten a lot of press. The idea that you can “make your own reality” has never been more popular, thanks to the success of The Secret (both the book and the movie), books like Esther and Jerry Hicks’ Abraham series, and the many hundreds of ever-popular classics like Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

Skeptics, on the other hand, dispute that this is true. “If it’s so simple to build your own reality,” they argue, “why are so many people sick, destitute, and unhappy?” Who would want to live in such a world? Many people who believe in positive thinking and the Law of Attraction have a secret fear that it’s all too nice to be true.

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So, according to my knowledge, the Law of Attraction is 100 percent true. There’s only one problem, and it’s a zinger for those of us trying to put this theory into practice. The issue is that most of us have subconscious barriers to achieving prosperity consciousness and living better lives in general.

The truth is that we consciously desire all of life’s pleasant things, which is entirely natural. Yet a portion of us, frequently since infancy, believes that we are undeserving, that money is scarce, that being affluent is immoral, or some other thought that is incompatible with manifesting abundance.

There is a simple approach that allows us to remove obstructions almost instantly. It’s called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and it’s based on acupuncture (without the needles!) in China, mixed with modern psychology. Many people are doubtful that it can work since it is so simple – until they try it.

EFT works by having us tap on specific body locations. Energy is sent through the meridians as a result of this (pathways that Energy follows through the body). Tapping is used in conjunction with specific discourse, which can be uttered aloud or to oneself. These are similar to affirmations, but they are more sophisticated in that they remove negative thoughts as well as positive assertions.

This “Tapping” approach has been shown to be useful in the treatment of a variety of physical and emotional issues. Some professional EFT tappers, specialize in using EFT to remove obstacles to abundance. We soon come to believe that we actually deserve to be rich by Tapping on specific points and repeating important affirmations or phrases.

Long-term health issues have been reported to improve dramatically after a few Tapping sessions. This may appear amazing, but when you consider current medical findings that stress and other mental problems cause a lot of illness, it’s not so far-fetched.

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Many emotional and physical disorders can be altered by altering the way Energy passes through our body. However, whether it’s a healing mantra or a pharmaceutical medicine, this “emotional freedom techniques” are a vital element of the healing process.

Belief is a critical component of becoming a money magnet – or not. This is why, if sincerely believed in, practically any strategy can be beneficial. However, with EFT, we’re talking about something more than just belief. When you tap, you’re actually stimulating the body’s very genuine Energy centers.

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It’s interesting to note that I’ve read accounts of expert EFT practitioners who were able to achieve the identical results merely by envisioning themselves performing the technique! This could lead a skeptic to believe that EFT is “all in the mind” and hence not “scientific.”

It just goes to show how critical the mind is in the healing process. That is why EFT is such an effective approach. It works on both the physical and psychological sides of ourselves when combined with affirmations and other constructive self-talk.

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I believe that the effectiveness of EFT, as well as practically all other therapies, whether medical, psychological, or spiritual, is largely due to the “placebo effect,” which is commonly misunderstood. Simply said, the mind “fools” itself and/or the body into believing that it feels better because of a belief.

Is this technique too basic and easy to work? That point of view, on the other hand, is exactly the type of limiting belief you can tap away at!

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