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Uncomfortable Situations Teach Me Tolerance

Uncomfortable Situations Teach Me Tolerance
This post contains “uncomfortable situations teach me tolerance” affirmations to help you build tolerance and patience. When we don’t make a practice of these qualities we become anxious or develop anxiety over our situations. Use these affirmations and allow them to help you to better handle your emotions during these tough times.

I avoid taking any situation in life for granted. It is important to me to reflect on each experience and learn the lesson. When those experiences are uncomfortable, I often find opportunities to learn tolerance.

Uncomfortable Situations Teach Me Tolerance

Relationships become uncomfortable when parties are dishonest with each other. Although I am inclined to get angry when someone lies, I remain composed.

My approach to disagreements with my peers and colleagues is to first understand their perspective.
I am able to open my mind by listening without the urge to respond. When I disagree with someone’s point of view, I accept that we have different opinions and perspectives for a reason.

When I am slow to achieve goals, it is easy to feel impatient and frustrated. But I counter those feelings with a reminder that good things happen at the opportune time. I avoid rushing the desired outcome and choose to endure the delays.

Uncomfortable Situations Teach Me Tolerance

As I learn tolerance, patience, and understanding, I am able to better manage my emotions. I am more positive in my interactions when I keep my emotions in check.

Today, I display greater tolerance than yesterday. I am committed to allowing patience and understanding to guide my responses in even the most uncomfortable situations.

Self-Reflection Questions to ask yourself:

How does being tolerant help me in solving issues as part of a team?
What do I use to gauge when I am losing patience?
What are some helpful ways to avoid feeling frustrated?

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Repeating these affirmations twice a day to yourself for 7 days can help to create a new habit and new way of thinking that may keep you from feeling frustration or anxiety.

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